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If you want to move to RI and you own a car or other vehicle, consider the following: When you register the car, there will be a tax assessed by what THEY say the car is valued @.Then, you will pay sales tax as well.

Then for as long as the car is registered, you will pay a very high tax quarterly called excise taxes...the excise taxes are based upon the city saying your car is in excellent condition and is loaded with every single option and is appraised @ the highest dealer's retail price in KBB values. There is no inspection of the car to assess it's true value and condition and options. There is only 1 way to appeal "RI AUTOMOBILE VALUE COMMISSION" and they boldly have written in red upon the appeal form that "overall condition and mileage will not be considered a valid grounds for appeal" (which means, "f U! What we say is the condition , options and mileage of your car is what is valid").

Also, beginning 2014,.

another tax on top of everything else will be implemented: Every time you go and get an inspection sticker they will calculate the miles used since the prior inspection and you will be assessed 38 cents tax for each mile put on the car.It is no surprise that people here drop insurance after they get the car registered and no surprise that RI has the largest number of unregistered cars on the road as well..

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